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Orford River
The Orford River is located halfway between the entrance to Bute Inlet and its headwaters. The glacier green waters of the Orford are fed from glacier and lakes nestled in among the rocky peaks. The luscious green valley and estuary of the Orford River are perfect for attracting wildlife that roam along the shores of this coastal river.

At the Orford River site is the Taggares-Homalco salmon hatchery that operates year round. The hatchery produces Chinook, Chum and Coho salmon that enhance the natural stock. It has a capacity to incubate up to 4 million Coho eggs, 6 million Chum eggs and over 150, 000 Chinook eggs annually.

The Orford River
Orford Area - Grixzzly Bear feeding area
Orford River , one of the last pristine watersheds, in Bute Inlet is home to the largest concentration of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia . It is not uncommon for over 35 Grizzly Bears to be within the 7 kilometer stretch of the lower Orford River . This unique river and tributary system merges the high number of Grizzly Bears to within a small area – creating quite simply the best Grizzly Bear viewing experience in Canada !
Grizzly Bears are abundant from August to October as they converge on the Orford River system spawning channels to feed on abundant returning wild Salmon. Homalco Wildlife Tours prides itself on providing a non-invasive viewing experience allowing the Grizzly to fish, play and move within its natural an undisturbed habitat.
Safety is always our prime concern. Our Guides are certified and trained to provide the safest, educational and most exciting Grizzly Bear viewing experience possible. In addition, all our Guides are Homalco Nation members who will provide you with a rich and interesting history of their traditions, culture and heritage.

The spectacle is as incredible as it sounds. Photographic opportunities abound from 7 different viewing areas and 5 platforms which have been specially constructed to provide a safe and comfortable viewing base to work from. It is not uncommon to see up to 18 bears during a typical tour – some as close as 15 feet away (from a tower of course).

Tour with us through old-growth forest and mystical Homalco lands in search of the Grizzly Bears of Bute. It is an experience of a lifetime.

Be sure to take your camera, as there are photo ops around every bend.

The Orford River
Orford Area - Grixzzly Bear feeding area

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Tours run daily from mid August – mid October.

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