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The big bears of Bute live among the tall Douglas-Firs and the Western Red Cedar where they thrive along the banks of glacial fed rivers and streams teeming with wild Salmon. This prime Grizzly habitat, culminating at Orford River systems, is also the traditional land and home of the Homalco First Nations people.

Every year in the summer and the early fall, the Bears of Bute gather on the banks of the Orford River systems to participate in one of nature’s most incredible displays – the return of the Salmon! The Chum and Coho salmon return from the ocean to the fresh water streams and rivers where they spawn and finally die.

One of the last challenges in the life cycle of the Salmon is escaping the gathering of hungry Grizzly and Black Bears on the Orford River banks. These majestic creatures are preparing for the long cold winter ahead by gorging themselves on as much Salmon as they can catch. An event that is both exciting and awe inspiring to witness.

The Bears of Bute will spend nearly three months feasting on the rich red meat of Chum and Coho Salmon that all come at different times of their life cycle. Watching the Grizzlies fish, feed, live, play and fight for survival is truly a spectacular sight and powerful display of nature. Special bear viewing platforms protect and shelter tour guests so they can safely experience this incredible display of raw nature.

The Homalco First Nations people invite you to come and visit their traditional territory and experience the spectacular land and wildlife. Learn about the Homalco First Nations culture, their experiences living in Bute Inlet, and witness one of the most powerful and magnificent creatures on earth – the Grizzly Bear. And remember – bring your camera!

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